• We carry out the accounting of your company in the best possible way in accordance with the legislation;
• We guarantee timely submission of reports;
• We will notify you of the taxes and deadlines due;
• Accounting is convenient, easy and paperless for us;

We use internet-based software, where you can:

- free of charge sales invoices;
- the ability to send and receive e-invoices;
- the ability to interface the accounting program with the online shop.

We will provide advice via phone and email.

How it works:


- You send your documents (purchase invoices, contracts) to our mail every month by the fifth date at the latest;
- paper invoices and tedders can be photographed or scanned and sent to our e-mail;
- You can also send/bring documents on paper if you wish.

Our accountant:

- verifies and inserts the documents received;
- reflects banking transactions;
- compiles and presents the necessary reports;
- informs You of taxes due.

* All documents are securely protected on a secure server.


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