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Calculate the price of the service in one month:

Preparing payments at the bank (month): 60 EUR
Price for one document (month): 0.88 EUR
5.50 EUR per person (month)

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Price includes:

- Service - once a week;
- Preparing of banking payments;
- Possibility to generate invoices in Internet-based Merit-Cloud Application (Merit-Pilve Aktiva);
- Processing of documents in the accounting program;
- Banking and cash transactions;
- Asset accounting ;
- RProviding reports to the management;
- Calculation of taxes and drawing up reports;
- Payroll;
- Phone and e-mail consultation.

The price excludes:

- Annual Report (annual average monthly fee);
- Registration of employees in the register of employment (6 eur/person);
- Value Added Tax (VAT).


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